Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Are there any women out there?

The front page of todays Daily Post has a story about tunnel tolls, a big issue for people travelling between Liverpool and the Wirral.

The story is illustrated by a picture of six councillors who, as part of a meeting at Merseytravel, voted for the tolls.

The story is about the tolls - but the picture raised another issue for me.

This is a picture of six men. The quotes from non pictured councillors on Merseytravel are also from men. And in fact I know that the councillor membership of Merseytravel is heavily male dominated.

Now I don't have anything against the individuals who serve on Merseytravel - and I know that some of those from Liverpool work really hard.

But given that Merseytravel is about public transport. And given that research has shown that a public transport user is more likely to be female, surely we need a bit more representation.

Councillors are not elected onto Merseytravel directly. They are nominated within their individual councils,usually via political group elections, and sent there as representatives. Perhaps those councils, or those political groups, who are not selecting any women need to have a hard think about that.

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Jo Christie-Smith said...

You're not suggesting that women's experience of public transport is different from men's are you?

(Tongue firmly in cheek!)