Thursday, 7 February 2008

Operation Black Vote - Liverpool Scheme

Operation Black Vote (which despite its name is about more than voting) is running a scheme with Liverpool City Council to give people from minority ethnic communities the chance to find out a bit more about politics and getting involved in politics.

In particular, they are offering chances to shadow councillors to find out more about exactly what is involved in performing that role.

The scheme is open to people who are 18 years old or above and who consider themselves to be black or minority ethnic.

You can get informatiion from or 020 8 983 5426. The closing date is 3 March and there wil be interviews at the end of March.

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Anonymous said...

While the intentions of operation black vote are good I have to wonder if the aims, achieving a representative ethnic mix within council chambers, is really capable of being achieved.

This being a democracy people will vote for the candidate best suited to delivering their expectations rather than voting to address any perceived lack of representation of differing ethnic groups. The only way to 'get the numbers to match' would be to offer some wards the choice between ethnic minority candidates for each party. Clearly a discriminatory policy (and one which at least one minority party would never condone).