Friday, 1 February 2008

South Liverpool youth festival needs bands

Acts wanted for HUB

The UK's biggest urban youth festival has launched a search for the best bands to star in one of the highlights of Liverpool's European Capital of Culture celebrations.

HUB - the biggest free festival of its kind - annually takes place at Otterspool Promenade, Liverpool - and is expected to attract up to 20,000 people on 17-18 May.

And event organisers are inviting the best musicians from indie to funk, rock to soul, hip-hop to metal to send in a demo which could see them starring on its live music stage.

Successful bands will earn themselves a slot at the festival, joining confirmed headliner Shlomo, one of the world's finest human beatboxers.

Susan Whitehead, Event organiser from the Liverpool Culture Company, said: "Whether you're rappers or rockers, speed metallers or soul divas, we want to hear from you. Judges will be looking for acts with heaps of energy, style and passion. Only the best talent will be selected to play at what promises to be a wicked weekend."

Councillor Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool City Council and Deputy Chairman of Liverpool Culture Company, added: "This is a fantastic opportunity for bands and artists to perform live, in an incredible atmosphere, in front of thousands of people at one of the biggest and best urban youth festivals in the country.''

Bands have until Monday 25 February to apply with a biography, a completed artists' contact form and a demo. A panel of music industry professionals will judge all applications and choose their favourites to play at the event. Successful bands/artists will be notified by Monday 10 March.

Application forms can be downloaded from or requested by emailing (Please type 'HUB' in the subject field of your email.)

The HUB festival, now into its sixth year, was established by Liverpool Culture Company during the city's successful '08 culture bid. It celebrates a vibrant mix of urban art, music and extreme sports including skateboarding, BMX, in-line skating, breakdancing and body popping.


PM Swimmer said...

Can you as a Liverpool libdem grandee and prospective councillor at least promise us that there will be a decent investigation and disciplinary procedures if someone gets a slot by just getting a relative thats a council officer to intercede on their behalf ?

Paula said...

I like to think I am not old enough to be a grandee!

No one should get preferential treatment because of where a relative works. (I do also believe however that you shouldn't be discriminated against because of where a relative works - you should end up under equal opps being treated the same as anyone else)

However my absence from representative politics for the last six months means I am not particularly in the know about the planning for any of these events.

I have no reason to assume anything untoward will happen re HUB , whch has been a successful and growing event for years and the more we can publicise the opps - the more young people and groups may come forward.

PM Swimmer said...


To be fair I asked whether you as a prospective councillor would be prepared to at least promise that improper use of position and influence in the selection of bands would be investigated. Something which has not been done in a recent case arising from the Mathew st festival 2007.

I'd have thought given the current climate with regard to political corruption and abuse of power you as a candidate would welcome the opportunity to show your colours on this.

Oh and I'm glad the comments facility is back on as I was about to stop coming to your blog.

Paula said...

Welcome back then. When the blog went belly up technically.. the other thing that went was the tracking system which used to tell me how many hits and where from. So I could have had hundreds or visitors.. or none. The tracker is back now too, although I may still have to tweak the whole thing as I am not yet sure whether I like the colour scheme.

Comments were actually switched on but the settings default wasn't right!!!