Monday, 25 February 2008

Enough with the beetroot!

I have a weekly delivery of organic vegetables from tne nice people at the Windmill Co operative on Smithdown Road. Its stuff that's in season and you know it's not covered in pesticides. It also saves me carrying heavy shopping.

But there is a problem.

Why on earth is there so much beetroot grown?

Every week for the last two months or so there has been one - or usually several - of these round purple things in the bag.

I've made beetroot soup (not a great success), a load of salads with beetroot as the main ingredient, and beetroot compote (OK actually)

And in a Good Housekeeping moment the other day I even located a recipe for beetroot cake (its a bit like carrot cake only messier to make)

But given that this is a vegetable I never really liked much..and that gets mess everywhere.. the march of the beetroot is just too much.

Enough please!!

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