Friday, 4 October 2013

So the Meadowlands is in Sefton Park then

One of the issues around the Labour Council's desire to sell off the Meadowlands has been whether or not it is actually part of Sefton Park.

Those who want to save it, with the back up of some historic maps, argue that it is and so shouldn't be solved.

The Mayor has tended to say that it isn't.

But does he really believe that?

The Liverpool Echo this morning has a report of the "debate" at the Council's regeneration committee last night.  (The committee's majority Labour members supported the sell off)

The Echo quotes the Mayor as saying this (to the objectors)

"Sefton Park isn’t yours, it belongs to the whole city."

Now that's certainly true.  These big parks are "owned" by all of us whether we live immediately next door or in another part of the City.

But the Mayor's point is ONLY relevant if the piece of land in question is actually part of Sefton Park.  If it isn't, the ownership or otherwise of the park is immaterial.

Now to be fair to the Mayor he did also pursue his claim that the land is not part of the park.

In other words he did a bit of an in out  "hoke koke"

But surely he wouldn't talk about ownership unless a part of him really believed the Meadowlands was a part of Sefton Park.  Hmmmmmm.

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