Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Garston Poem

This is the poem that was written by Mike Axworthy for the Friends of Garston Park art project .  You can see it on the boards around the sports pitches.

Mike also read the poem at a recent Friends of Garston library event.

I thought blog readers might like to see it.


From Salt works to satellite dishes
Garston has changed
From rural idyll to industrial giant
Garston has changed

Like the river it stands on it flows and grows
Garston is changing
From Ireland Scotland Wales the world they came
Garston is changing

A special place to live work and play
Garston has changed
Plenty of jobs in its docks factories and railways
Garston has changed

Look at its schools church and hospital
Garston is changing
Is it regeneration or degeneration?
Garston is changing

A proud and independent people
Nothing has changed
With a strong community spirit
Nothing has changed.

Michael Axworthy.

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