Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Friends of Garston Park adopt the planters

I'm just back from a meeting of the Friends of Garston Park.

We're adopting some of the planters in L19 to keep them weeded and to replant.  I've come away with two lots of bulbs and some winter plants.. and we'll be following up with others.

The planters have been added to our area over a few years but some are sadly in need of some TLC.

Local shopkeepers have kindly watered them but it's time for a refresh to help them look better.

We've divided them up, taking on a couple or a few each. I've got two on Long Lane (conveniently near one of my favourite local cafes)

If you want to get involved in Friends of Garston Park and want info, drop me an e mail and I can pass your details on.  I am at

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