Friday, 18 October 2013

Bus lanes suspended from Monday

I've blogged before about the Council's plan to suspend all the bus lanes in Liverpool.

It starts on Monday and you may see people out and about this weekend removing signs or covering up lines.

The Mayor says this is to deal with congestion.  He claimed there was lots of evidence of lanes causing problems.

He seems to have back pedalled a bit now and is saying that this is in fact a trial with people having the next six months to send their views in.

The Council website does not, as yet, have a link for people to do this.  When it appears though,I'll make sure I put it on the blog.

Frankly to suspend the lot without proper evidence strikes me as a pretty dangerous and ill thought out thing to do.  Surely lanes could have been reviewed in groups.

I was cycling along Childwall Valley Road the other day - in a bus lane.  If you live in Netherley or Belle Vale and commute by public transport, this is your only option (no trains here).  I wonder how much slower that bus journey (from a deprived area in to where the jobs are) will be.  Its certainly not going to be faster for those without a car.  And the cyclists?  Well if that bus lane becomes a busy jostling mix of cars and buses we can take a risk or be on the pavement. And no amount of press releases about "sustainable transport plans" will make a difference.

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