Thursday, 3 October 2013

Meadowlands press release

I'm posting below a press release from my Lib Dem colleague Cllr Pat Moloney about tonight's meeting about the Mayor's plan to sell off a bit of Sefton Park land.

The Lib Dems are only allowed one official voting place on the committee that meets tonight so Pat will be our representative.  Other Lib Dems will be there though along with many of those who have been fighting the mayor's proposals. Frankly the vote tonight will depend if Labour Councillors decide to go along with the Mayor or support the objectors.

We will oppose the sale of the Meadows in Sefton Park

Today at a special meeting of the Regeneration Select Committee meeting, councillors will decide the fate of the Meadowlands in Park Avenue, Liverpool 18.

Despite heavy opposition the Mayor and his Administration have continued with their plans to flog the land for housing. 

Councillor Pat Moloney, the Liberal Democrat who will be attending the select committee meeting, said "it’s blatantly obvious by the high number of written objections to the loss of this land that it is valuable as green space.  The Mayor has made his views on the Meadowlands perfectly clear but we will be supporting the many campaigners who have worked tirelessly to protect this land and we will be voting against the sale."

This will be considered at a Special meeting of the Regeneration Select Committee on Thursday 3 October, 5pm at Liverpool Town Hall.  The report can be found at Item 2 here:

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