Thursday, 3 March 2011

Planning application - scout hut to nursery - Garston Old Road

I plan to post on the blog any planning applications that come in that I feel people would be interested in knowing about.  I know that notices are put up and letters sent out, but there is always someone who wanted to know but who didn't see a letter or a notice in time.

This one, which has a deadline of 23 March for comments, is for the scout hut on Garston Old Road.  The idea is to change its use to a day nursery which would be in connection with the existing nursery at Clarendon Montessori College.

The City Council has planning applications available on line and you can also make comments via the on - line system.  This one is at this web address

More generally if you are looking for planning applications on the City Council website you need to look for something called Planning Explorer.

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