Monday, 14 March 2011

Garston waste site update - March 14

I've blogged before about two appalling decisions about Garston.  The first was the independent Planning Inspectorates verdict on a planning appeal.  That means Jack Allen Holdings was given permission to build a waste plant at Stalbridge Dock (just off a busy road and next to a housing development).

The second was the decision of the Labour run Liverpool City Council to designate this piece of land as the "sub regional" waste site for Liverpool. (We tried to get this particular decision changed but were outvoted)

As part of the second decision, there is a six week "public consultation."  This was due to start earlier this year but we now know this will start in May, once the local elections and AV referendum are out of the way.

I've been told that there'll be publicity in the press plus public meetings (whatever that means) as part of the consultation.  Obviously we don't have the exact dates yet but I will blog again on this when we do.

It's still important that people take part in this and make their views known (even though the City Council seems quite intransigent now)

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