Monday, 28 March 2011

Is the hospital actually dangerous?

I've got a question in to the Regeneration Committee (this Thursday) about the new hospital/health centre in Garston.

It's to do with the outside, which appears to be doing  a good job of reflecting sunlight directly back into drivers' eyes.

A poll (admittedly unscientific as it involved me raising the hospital with taxi drivers as we went past) has shown that some drivers believe there'll be accidents.

I did raise this back in the darker months, but at the time the reflecting effect wasn't as obvious as it is now.

Pasted below is the question

"The South Liverpool (Garston) health centre on Woolton Road is a new build replacing the former Sir Alfred Jones memorial hospital.

Now that the exterior of the new build is fully visible, it appears there is a potential road safety problem which needs to be investigated.

A large part of the exterior is covered in shiny and reflecting material which, when the sun is bright, is prone to reflections of bright light. This has already been noticed and remarked on by pedestrians and motorists and there is a fear that the reflection may cause road accidents, particularly involving cars travelling down hill towards Garston village.

Can we please have a site visit and investigation into whether this is in fact dangerous and if so, what measures can be taken to avoid possible road accidents?"

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