Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bankfield House site - planning decision soon

I blogged recently about the news that a developer wants to build 18 houses on the old Bankfield House site.

The application is now in and you can find it at this web address

I know it looks very long but the link does work.

The deadline for comments is 30 March but you can do this on-line using the page at this link.

People who live very near the site (including some on Banks Road and Vesuvian Drive) should have had a letter but any resident can comment, whether they got a letter or not.

Personally, although I don't represent this ward any more, I am pleased that at last a concrete plan has come through.  The site has become a bit of an eyesore and dumping ground.  New properties here will be part of the regeneration of our area.

(To be fair to the company dealing with the land, it has kept me informed of developments and has helped when I have pointed out problems with the site)

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