Thursday, 11 February 2010

Why don't they give change?

I'm in the middle of a complaint letter to Arriva. I have seen repeated incidents now of drivers saying they don't have change when people get on and try to buy bus tickets. Sometimes we are talking about change from £2 for a 1 70 ticket. At other times we are talking about £5-00 being used to pay for a £3 30 ticket. Either way these are small amounts which should present no problem if there is a float.

What happens is if a driver can't give change people either end up having to pay over the odds or they get chucked off.

Surely it can't be beyond Arriva to give a proper working float to its drivers at the start of the day (it is always mornings when I see this happen). It happened to me this morning and it is so annoying when the solution is simple. After all if I had a shop I wouldn't open up without a float and by selling tickets Arriva are also operating in retail.

I wonder if anyone else has had this experience. I asked a question about it at a recent Full Council meeting but its not really Merseytravel's fault - it's down to the operators.

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