Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Garston waste site plans - Update- need to fight on!

We now have more information about the appeal over the plans by private company Jack Allen for the waste site down on Garston docks (and right by the Cressington heath housing development and other properties)

The planning application was turned down by the City Council last year. This followed a huge protest by local people who wrote objections in their thousands. There were several reasons but key among these was the effect that putting something like this plant here in Garston would have on regeneration. It is I believe no exaggeration to say it would stop it in its tracks.

Anyway, by law the applicants have the right to appeal. And they did.

There was then a period when a decision had to be made about the type of appeal. Jack Allen wanted it all done on paper - that is the Planning Inspector would look at lots of letters and documents but not actually hear from anyone. The Council, including the Lib Dem Councillors in Cressington, wanted a Public Enquiry believing this would be the best way to get all the issues heard properly. You can't hear passion on paper but you can in person.

The news now is that there will be a Public Enquiry. We don't have a date for it yet as first there has to be a chance for any other objection letters to be sent in. Around 6,000 letters are going out to local people to give them a deadline for any more written material. The deadline is in March.

Given that there has to be a good four weeks notice before the Public Enquiry takes place it could well be the Summer before this happens.

So what do we have to do now? Everyone who opposed the first (withdrawn) and then the second ( rejected) planning applications has to carry on opposing. There is a good website which will keep updating people - and I'll post updates on here too.

Richard, Peter and I are determined to do what we can to fight this. We are actually appalled that Jack Allen failed to get the message about how unwelcome this plant is. Big business doesn't really care about local people it seems.

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