Saturday, 20 February 2010

Friends of Garston Park - update

We had a meeting last night of the Friends of Garston Park Committee. We decided last month to have a trustees committee meeting every other month and a general meeting every other month. A good discussion last night - we talked about activities for the near future, including some wildflower planting and the creation of some planters for near the entrances. We also discussed doing some litter picks, perhaps the weekend after our general meetings. Alan (the Chair) and some of the others had a useful meeting with Dave Thomas from the City Council earlier in the week and reported back on that.

One of the small projects we want to pursue is to draw up a list of the types of birds regularly in the park as we think there are probably more species than expected. We'll be publicising this and asking people to let us know the types of bird they've seen. I'll be adding more details to our website - but in the meanwhile if there is anything you want to pass on please post it here or e mail me at and I'll make sure the message gets to Alan.

Our next general meeting is the third Friday of March (19th) at 6 30 at Long Lane Church

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