Friday, 5 February 2010

Brodie Avenue telephone mast

Vodaphone have put in a planning application to effectively add to the site of the phone mast on the central reservation of Brodie Avenue (near the junction with Lanville). Richard, Peter and I have all sent in objections to this for a number of reasons. We think the addition of extra cabinets will look pretty awful. We think the addition of stuff here could also cause road safety problems (already I am told by people living nearby there are problems with sight lines). We are also pretty hacked off at the promises Vodaphone made in the past which quite clearly weren't kept. Residents were annoyed enough when the mast went up but were even more annoyed to see the way the reservation was treated as a car park by the people doing the work.

People living near the site should have had a formal letter as part of the consultation that goes on when these applications come in. (I know some have as I have already seen some comments). However in case anyone has missed the letter, I am pasting it below. The deadline for responding is 22 Feb.

Interestingly, in some of Vodaphone's application material they claim to have met the local councillors on a particular day last year. This is simply not true and we wonder who they actually did meet - or if in fact they met anybody. We are contacting their agents to make sure they are aware of the mistake. We wouldn't want the planning committee to be misled, would we???

Dear Sir/Madam,


Central reservation in Brodie Avenue, south of junction with Lanville Road, Liverpool, L18 4QZ

To erect telecommunications equipment (1 no. replacement mast, 14.8 m high and 2 no. additional cabinets).

I am writing to let you know that I have received the above-mentioned application on behalf of

Vodafone Uk Ltd. The Council wishes to make people aware of the development and receive comments before deciding whether or not to grant permission.

The application may be inspected at the Ground Floor Reception, Millennium House, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6JF during the following hours: Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. (except during Bank and Public holidays). The application, including forms and plans, will also be available on line at within one week of the date of this letter.

The Planning Service has produced a leaflet ‘Further Information About the Planning Application Process’ which is available electronically at the above link, Details of the Development Control Service gives additional information on the Codes of Practice for; Neighbour Notification, Publicity, Members and Officers dealing with Planning Matters as well as Planning Committee Procedures and the Council’s Scheme of Delegation. You can also telephone 0151 233 3021 to request copies of these documents.

If you wish to discuss the application with the case officer, you are advised to make an appointment to ensure that they are available. An appointment is not necessary if you only want to look at the application. PLEASE BRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU.

If you have any comments to make on this application, you should write to me as soon as possible so that I receive them not later than 22 February 2010 quoting the above application reference number and unique ID comments can also be made online up to the date stated using the above link. Only comments relating to planning considerations will be taken into account in reaching a decision.

In the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission, for a householder application only, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about this application will be sent to the Secretary of State, and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.

Please note that any letters sent can be seen by members of the public, including the applicant.

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