Saturday, 6 February 2010

Walkabout visits

As well as all the individual bits of work we do in Cressington, Richard Peter and I make sure we organise regular visits to areas where some work might be needed - a flytipping spot for example. We do this with others - say a council officer or someone from Enterprise Liverpool. Anyway, we've got a day coming up when we are going around a list of locations. I already have a list, but I'm posting now to say please let me know if you are a Cressington resident and have a spot that you want us to have a look at.

Annoyingly I'm going to have to switch off comments for a while because of another stream of offensive messages (possibly automated). I have to look at each message when it comes in and going through these took up a load of time the other night.

If there is a location you want us to focus on then, rather than post in comments, please drop me an e mail at

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