Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Read this book!

Am currently reading "An utterly impartial history of Britain" .... "or 2000 years of upper class idiots in charge" by John O'Farrell.

One of the few books to have me laughing out loud on the train.

Do get a copy of you can.


Darrell said...

I've ordered a People's History of the World (recently reissued this month) by Chris Harman which I think is a bit more serious but I'll check that one by O'Farrell out too.

Anonymous said...

John O'Farrell - he who said of the Lib Dems "Well they try to be all things to all people and end up standing for not very much indeed."?

It's a great book from a decent guy.

Paula said...

Gosh.. do you decide who to read based on whether you agree with them politically??? I certainly don't and am currently reading an excellent piece of history writing by Roy Hattersley.

John O Farrell's best by a long chalk is "things can only get better" - which had me laughing out loud on the London tube.