Thursday, 8 May 2008

Plug for new book - climate change

New Friends of the Earth book

'How can I stop climate change?'

released this week

Friends of the Earth's new expert guide to climate change reveals how getting involved in your local community can help to stop climate change - while also being fun, sociable and rewarding. The step-by-step guide to today's hottest issue, provides a complete run down of how you can improve the quality of your life and the planet's - and save some cash while you do it. Featuring real case studies, top tips and a myth-busting analysis of climate change, it's a must-read for anyone who wants to unravel the truth behind the headlines and greenwash.

With chapters including 'In the home,' 'Out and about,' and 'Scaling up your involvement,' the book tackles the question: "What's the point? Isn't this problem just too big?" and looks at how people in homes and neighbourhoods across the country are coming together to help save the planet. From green homes to green schools and communities the real-life stories in 'How can I stop climate change?' show us that, if we act together, we can all help to stop climate change.

Marcus Brigstocke, comic and presenter, on How Can I Stop Climate Change?

"It's the end of the world as we know it - HOORAY - let's make a better one. Nothing's more delicious than the vegetable you've grown yourself, few things feel better than a cosy, well-insulated home, riding a bike is fun and it makes your bum smaller. Renewable energy is cheaper, cleaner and safer for us all - switching things off saves you a fortune and we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful, spectacular country with a handy rail link to the whole of Europe. Someone tell me, please, what's not to like?"

The book is available for £14.99 from

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1. Established in 1971 Friends of the Earth is the UK's most influential environmental campaigning organisation. Dependent on individuals for over 90 per cent of its income, it has the most extensive environmental network in the world with almost 1 million supporters across five continents and more than 70 national organisations worldwide. For further information about Friends of the Earth, please visit
2. For top tips on the practical things you can do to help to tackle climate change visit Friends of the Earth's Living site:

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