Saturday, 3 May 2008

Election thoughts

Still very tired after polling day on Thursday. I feel as if I haven't had enough sleep for about a month!

I was elected in Cressington ward - a Lib Dem gain as the former Councillor defected to Labour back in March (she stood in the elections for Labour but not in Cressington - in Kirkdale). When the defection happened, the Liverpool Echo editorial said that Cressington was now a marginal seat - so my majority of more than 1,000 is particularly pleasing!

I was very sad to see Lib Dem Tom Marshall lose in Belle Vale. Tom is the sort of person who really stands up for his community and he didn't deserve to be defeated. I was one of his campaign team and so spend quite a bit of time in Belle Vale and Netherley. Something tells me Tom will be back.

Good news though in Halewood (I am chair of Garston and Halewood constituency) where the Lib Dems took a seat from Labour in Halewood South. We now have six Halewood reps to Labour's three - well done to all the team there.

Other election thoughts will have to wait - still working on the sleep defecit and the backlog of domestic jobs that haven't been touched.