Friday, 16 May 2008

Do we want an off licence there?

Quite a bit of controversy locally over an application from a local garage to start selling alcohol. The BP garage is off Aigburth Road and surrounded by residential streets including quite a bit of sheltered housing. We have already had quite a few residents get in touch to object. Our job now is to make sure everyone knows about the application and so can decide on their own response. Annoyingly the current laws mean that as councillors we can't automatically object unless someone living very locally to the site makes a point of asking us to. And in licensing issues not everyone wants to use their name which can make it hard to get all the proper requests. Anyway, we are making sure people are aware of the process. Anyone who wants to comment has until 23rd May to do so.


Tom said...

"residential streets including quite a bit of sheltered housing"

So what? Are you suggesting those people will be overcome by temptation if there's alcohol nearby? Sounds a bit elitist. You're a liberal, why do you want to stop things happening? If someone wants to open an off licence surely you should be supporting their freedom to do so and welcoming the jobs and wealth it creates.

Paula said...

Not at all.. there is in fact an off license already there in a small shop on the main road that many of them use. the fact however is that, with virtually no publicity for this application there have already been objections and phone calls from worried people. Adding off sales to the garage isnot aimed at a facility for people living there as they already use the shop. It will however add to the way the garage is, unfortunately, already a magnet for some anti social behaviour. the licensing laws rely on residents making their views heard one way or the other - which is what we are encouraging.

PM Swimmer said...

anti social behaviour ahh the rallying cry of the modern day blackshirt!