Thursday, 22 May 2008

On the board!

I have been appointed to the Executive Board on Liverpool City Council! I was offered the position last week, but it only became official on Tuesday as it had to go through at the Council AGM. I am now the Executive Member for Ethical Governance. It's a new portfolio so I am spending the next week having loads of briefing meetings and setting things up.

It's going to be a big challenge, but the more I read my way into it the more I can see how there's lots that can be done.


Rob said...

well done on you position.

somewhat amusing that your "shadow" labour member is also a confirmed blogite

I belive two of your colleagues abstained on an important vote at the same meeting. Playground politics still alive and well.

PM Swimmer said...

Paula I'm happy for you but am extremely concerned about this.

Whilst I'm sure you won't agree with the tone of the piece are the facts correct?
If so can you explain what on earth is the point of bothering to vote for any of you?

Paula said...

The link doesn't work for some reason but the changes in committees and council meetings were all agreed at the AGM earlier this month. It is not true to say these will prevent scrutiny - in fact we want the Overview and Scruitny Committee to take a much more active role. It is hard to say straight away that these will be more or less effective however and as part of my role I will be reviewing all of this as part of the governance review work I will be undertaking. This will be based on evidence though so we will need to give the new committees time to bed in.