Sunday, 19 February 2012

What's going on on Long Lane?

Some time ago I managed to get some planters donated to help brighten up the area near the Garston cenotaph. The planters were for Long Lane and they've sat empty for a while on the grassed area in the middle .

Enterprise Liverpool, who let us have the planters, have now also let us have some soil.  The planters will soon actually have plants in them (with help from the wonderful people at local charity Rotters).  This should help this bit of our area look better and brighter.

This work is part of a bigger initiative to improve the Cenotaph area.  We've already done a community clean up and I am hoping to be able to talk about other activities soon.


Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear about the Long Lane/Cenotaph initiative. Well done. What is going to happen about the dreadful road conditions on Church Road, right outside the new hospital? Is anything being planned to improve the conditions

Paula Keaveney said...

I have asked traffic officers to have a look at this stretch as there are several problems. Thanks for posting.