Thursday, 9 February 2012

South Liverpool Skatepark Campaign

I had a really good meeting this week with the guys from the South Liverpool Campaign for a Skatepark (and BMX track).  They are a group of (mainly) teenagers and I sat down with six of them to work out how I can help them.  They've done quite a bit of research already and have some impressive people on their side.

Their aim is to create somewhere in the Garston area, or nearby, where people can skateboard or ride BMX bikes that's designed for that purpose.  There's support from people who want to skate.. but also from those who complain about skateboarding in more open public places like the pavement!

Anyway, we had a talk about some things they could do to advance their case and I promised to help them with things like getting the petition presented and talking to decision makers.

I was really impressed with their watch this space!

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