Friday, 17 February 2012

Tesco on Holmefield Road - call for extra alcohol hours

You may remember that recently Tesco, which is opening up on Holmefield Road where the old SPAR was, applied for a licence to sell alcohol.  There was some worry about this because of the anti social behaviour linked with alcohol sales there before.  But  the license was given for sales from 7 am to 10pm  Monday to Sunday.

I've recently heard that, having got the licence, Tesco is now applying for an amendment to it to extend the hours to a 6am start and 11pm finish.  This may be innocent but I have to say it strikes me as somewhat sneaky, coming so soon after the committee decision.

Anyway, local people are entitled to send in comments and objections with a deadline of March 7th. 

The City Council has produced a handy form to help people writing in about licensing applications.  You can find it here (need to scroll down a bit)

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