Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fairness Commission - having your say

Some time ago Liverpool City Council set up a Fairness Commission. This followed a considerable amount of pushing from a few councillors, self included, for a Poverty Commission to look at key issues across the City in a way that the Council on its own couldn't.

The Commission got set up and has been having meetings and collecting in information.  It also asked for comments from people or organisations.  Today I had a look through the comments that had come in so far.  My first reaction was that there were hardly any of them!  This may well be to do with frankly rubbish publicity. 

There is some basic information about the Commission at this link.  There is still time to send in thoughts (although my recommendation would be to send a letter or e mail rather than use the useless on-line form)

This could be a really good and significant piece of work but it won't be if there isn't more engagement.  The commissioners need evidence and feedback if they are to do their jobs.  I was shocked today to discover that the only one of the 90 Councillors to send in any comments was me.  Hopefully some of the others will get their act together soon.

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