Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dog owners events in South Liverpool

Free dog health checks and microchipping  are on offer at an event in Garston, and others across the City.

The Garston event, which runs from 10 to 4 on Sunday 10th takes place at the Sports Centre on Long Lane, L19.  You can take your dog along and talk to experts from the PDSA and other charities.

Microchipping a dog means that if it gets lost there is a greater chance of you being reunited with it!

Other dog owner roadshows are taking place in July.  There's one on the 9th at the Wavertree Sports Park and one on the 17th in Sefton Park for example.

If you can't transport your dog yourself, there is a service called Pets to Vets that can do it.  There's a small charge and the service has to be booked by phoning 07941259754.

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