Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fairness Commission


Here's the link to the Islington report mentioned below.

Went to the second meeting of the Fairness Commission today.  As luck would have it today was also the publication date for the report of the Islington Fairness Commission, and one of the members of that came up to share some of his experiences and advice.

I'll post a link to the Islington report when I can.

What I found really good about the Islington work is that the report's recommendations were easy to understand and were actually directed to somebody or to a particular organisation.  These included Islington Council itself, the local chamber of commerce, the Mayor of London etc.  That meant that it wasn't a lot of platitudes but some thought out suggestions about practical things that could be done to make Islington fairer.

Obviously a lot depends on whether the recommendations get acted on, but I got the sense that those involved didn't see the report as the end of their work, merely a stepping stone to getting some action.

The first two meetings of the Liverpool Fairness Commission have been scene setting rather than evidence gathering but we seem to be about to move into more evidence gathering mode.

I'll post some links to the Liverpool material when I can.

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