Saturday, 4 June 2011

Woodhey/Bayfield alleygate update

People in the bit off Beechwood Road affected by the ongoing alleygate saga should already be aware but in case there is someone who isn't, here's the update.

All the legal stuff was done when a check showed that the wall we wanted to fix the gate onto wasn't safe enough.

The gate could be fixed sort of freestanding, but then people could simply step around the gate (there would be enough of a gap)

The answer was to pay for a post of some sort to attach the gate to and make sure there isn't a gap.

The Council said it didn't have the money for this.

However there is a small pot of money that the councillors can allocate for projects and I was happy to agree that this should be one of the things we spend on.  Credit needs to go to my colleague Richard Oglethorpe who got the costings and pushed hard to get this done.

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