Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dangerous pavements - do they need more attention.

Today is the first real day of snow and ice for us here in Liverpool.  Worryingly there've been quite a few reports of people slipping and falling in the City Centre (not the Liverpool One bit).  This is odd as we were assured that the new product the Council was using could clear away dangerous ice from pavements and the weather forecast did flag up snow and ice overnight.

Along with a number of phone calls, I received this e mail today which (having taken off the gentleman's name) I am pasting below.  (It is possible that the high pressure hose mentioned is actually a reference to the Safethaw product, to give the benefit of the doubt in this case).

I have complained already about the decision to only use this pavement clearer in the City Centre.  But today it seems that it either doesn't work, or it hasn't been used properly there either.

If there are glitches in the system, its up to all of us to point them out so that we can avoid problems further on into the winter.

(E mail starts)

The reason for this email is because on my way to work this morning I slipped on untreated ice on Church Street. I have bruising to my shoulder, arms and a headache. I am a fit person, my concern is what happens if this was an elderly person, think of the damage that they could suffer!!!

That is the reason for my email. I saw a representative from Liverpool Enterprise and spoke to him. He was not interested and said he was paid to clean the streets. I am sorry but to deploy staff to use a high pressure hose in this weather beggars belief.

I then walked up to the Council Officers on Dale Street to inform them of the dangers of Church Street and that they need to make it a priority to avoid a major accident. I was give a form to complete about complaining and no one especially the manager on duty understand the point I was making. He in fact said “we do not keep grit here”. However I did notice that Dale Street was nicely gritted!!!

I am sorry but if this is the level of service that the City now offers its residents and workers it is a very sad day. It would appear that no one is prepared to make a decision to avoid would could have been a major incident. All I want was someone to pick up a phone and priorities’ the matter not add it to a computer list.

I was trying to do my civic duty and report the issue, however I got so frustrated that when again asked did I want to file a complaint I replied “I think I will let my lawyer talk to you” and then left.

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