Monday, 29 November 2010

Cash deserts motion -why should we pay for our cash? December 1st.

Along with colleagues Peter Millea and Ron Gould, I have a motion which should be discussed/voted on at the Regeneration Select Committee on Wednesday  night (1st Dec).

It's inspired by a local campaign we are involved in about the lack of non-charging ATMs (cash machines) in part of South Liverpool.

We are hoping that the Council can its communication channels to help create a more Liverpool-wide sense of where the problems are.

There is a blog set up to support the South Liverpool campaign.  It is at

Meanwhile, the motion is pasted below:

Access to Cash Notice of Motion by Councillors Paula Keaveney, Peter Millea, Ron Gould

Committee notes that in the UK nearly 40 percent of ATMs (cash machines) charge a fee to users who want to draw out money. The fees range from £1 50 to £2 00 per withdrawal.

Committee further notes that there are parts of the City in which, because of the withdrawal of banks or for other reasons, people have to travel long distances to find a cash machine that does not charge.

Committee agrees that this is a particular problem for those on low incomes who may not have their own transport to easily get to a non charging ATM.

Committee notes that there are localised community campaigns, such as one in the Cressington and Mossley Hill area, that are working to lobby for more free ATMs. This campaign is the brainchild of a local resident and currently has active support from the councillors in both wards. The initial problem was caused by the withdrawal of a bank from the Aigburth Road area and Councillors are currently pressing the bank to make good the lack of a cash machine.

Committee believes that no one should be without the means of withdrawing their own money without being penalised.

Committee therfeore calls on the relevant cabinet member to take the following steps to ensure that there is no part of Liverpool that is not served by a non charging ATM.

* organise research to provide a map of ATM provision in Liverpool, thus identifying areas of particular need

* work with district committees to support localised campaigns to ensure more non charging ATMs

* work with other organisations, including those representing retailers, to lobby for more non charging ATM sites

* use existing communications channels including City Magazine and the council's website to seek views on potential sites for ATMs

Committee further calls on the relevant cabinet member to organise a submission to the Commission on Banking about the need for non charging ATMs and the harm that can be caused when there is a lack.

Committee further calls on the Liverpool Poverty Commission to ensure that the provision of non charging ATMs is an item on its work programme

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