Friday, 23 July 2010

Spending money on the right things

The Labour Cabinet this morning agreed to spend nearly £400,000 on a "Liverpool Day" at the Shanghai Expo.

The decision is being "called in" by the Lib Dems and (I understand) also by the Liberal Party.

The "call in" is a sort of request to the Cabinet to think again. It'll be discussed at the Regeneration and Transport Committee next week.

The reason we're challenging this is that we don't think this is the right time for extra spending (and this is extra spending) on events in Shanghai.

Significantly the money allocated to this could instead save the free swimming scheme for children and young people.

I thought people would be interested in exactly what they plan to spend the money on.

Pasted below is a list of the items. It doesn't add up to the full amount but I assume the rest goes on Councillor/officer travel to the event as I know some Labour Councillors are down to go.

Spending list from Cabinet Paperwork.

RLPO Travel & Subsistence Costs 1 60,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Scaffold & MD Travel & Subsistence Costs 1 2,500.00 Not Contracted Currently

Orchestral Manoeuvre in the Dark Travel & Subsistence Costs 9 ,050.00 Not Contracted Currently

Pagoda Travel & Subsistence Costs 1 2,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Roger Phillips Travel & Subsistence Costs 3 ,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Wombats Travel & Subsistence Costs 6 ,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

McCartney 6ix Toys Attendance 7 ,500.00 Not Contracted Currently

Sound City Music Event and Sound Rig from Capital Sound 3 0,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Liverpool Day Events Overheads 3 7,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

250,000 Lapel Badge Giveaways 2 5,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Legacy Gift For Expo Museum 1 0,000.00 Not Contracted Currently

Shanghai Side PR 3 7,000.00 Not Contracted Currently


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