Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Footpath Campaign

Some time ago I discussed, with a local resident, the problems of the two footpaths that run to Cressington Station (either side of the railway line). We spent a bit of money on improving the surface, and Merseyrail have said they'll keep an eye out for litter.

However the potentially bigger problem is the lack of light. Ok there is light at the end but the paths themselves are pretty dark which at night,especially in winter, is a problem.

Residents said they wanted to campaign for improvements, so as part of that Peter, Richard and I have kicked off a petition which is aimed at the landowner Network Rail.

We haven't finished collecting signatures yet, but expect to soon.

As part of the efforts to get something done we also wrote a motion on this and got it passed at the South Liverpool District Committee last night (well Peter and I did - because Richard works for Merseytravel and the motion also mentions Merseytravel he couldn't put his name on it).

The text is below. I'll update on how we get on on this issue but I suspect this is something that's going to take time and persistence.

Motion Text from Agenda - 13th July 2010.

South Liverpool District Committee acknowledges residents’ concerns about the dark and threatening nature of the Network Rail owned passageways connecting Eastern Drive and Broughton Drive with Knowsley Road and Cressington railway station (all in Liverpool 19) at night-time.

This is evidenced by support from residents in the area for a petition being collected locally.

The district Committee further believes that the lack of lighting and feeling of lack of safety is a deterrent to local people wishing to use public transport.

The Committee therefore instructs the clerk of the Committee to write to Network Rail on its behalf asking them to acknowledge the very real concerns of residents and councillors and to look into how it can install lighting on these footpaths.

The Committee further instructs the clerk to send the terms of this motion to MITA to ensure that that public body is aware of the situation facing its customers.

The committee further calls for an update on the progress of this request to the next relevant neighbourhood partnership working group and the next District Committee.

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