Sunday, 18 July 2010

Getting ready for snow... again!

I've got a motion down for Full Council on Wednesday (21st).

It may seem odd to want to discuss snow etc in the middle of summer but I'm thinking back to the bad snow and what happened as a result last winter, and how we might do better this time.

We don't know yet whether this motion will be discussed on Wednesday nignt (only five get picked) But if it isn't it'll either be discussed at Committee or the Cabinet members will respond.


Council notes the review work already done by officers who have looked at the effects of the severe weather in January this year and what lessons can be learned about dealing with such a situation in future.

Council however believes that more needs to be done in terms of including partners and elected members to make sure not just that we are prepared for snow but for other weather linked crises.

Council believes that more could be done in engaging community groups, communities and residents in planning and reviewing. Communities have large amounts of local knowledge and are often rich with suggestions that could make planning for, and dealing with, crises much easier in future.

Council also believes that there are groups in our communities which would welcome a more formal or organised role in dealing with crises – whether this be acting as storage points for grit and equipment or acting as co ordinators for volunteers.

Council therefore requests the Cabinet Members for Regeneration and Transport and Environment and Climate Change to ensure a plan is produced which results in communication with and engagement with communities and community groups so that we are all more resilient should there be severe weather this winter. Council further requests that this plan be tabled for discussion at both the Regeneration and Environment and Climate Change Select Committees.

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