Thursday, 8 July 2010

Building Schools for the Future - Special Council meeting

The Liberal Democrats on the City Council have put in a request for a special Council meeting to discuss and agree actions on Building Schools for the Future.

We've written a motion, and collected signatures (you need five but obviously we have more)

We don't think the reaction to this announcement should be an administration thing alone. It's important that all councillors can play a part and that there is a genuine cross party lobbying attempt to get either a change of mind or an arrangement that delivers what we need for the schools in Liverpool.

Obviously a special council meeting will still see us with a minority of votes and so there's an element of political risk here.

But this is one of those subjects that we feel is too important to be part of party political posturing.

The rules are that the request goes to the Lord Mayor who has a certain period of time in which to call the meeting. It may well be that a special meeting on just this topic would run on the same day as the next full council but earlier in the day. But the timing is not up to us.

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