Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rushing around

Yesterday was one of those days that could have done with a few extra hours!

Up early to deal with some case work by e mail then off to the station to work. I was teaching on the FastTrack programme, which is a scheme for people who don't have the usual qualifications to get into University. Its an intensive series of sessions to get them ready for potential entry onto a degree in September. Focused on how news is created and then on crisis communications (sadly a growing area of PR!).

Then a spell sorting things out for the External Examiner (who looks at our students' work and the way we have marked things) before rushing back to Liverpool.

First meeting - electoral committee. A waste of time as six of us were effectively being asked to make a decision on behalf of the Council with no consultation of colleagues. Agreed to put the decision off to at least test the waters with others.

Second meeting - Corporate Services Select Committee. I am there in my Exec Member Capacity. Lasted just over two hours but some good discussions on important (and interesting) topics. I made some points about students and Council Tax.

Then off to the Phil for the Malcolm Gradwell talk. He's the author of Blink, The Tipping Point and Outliers. Really enjoyed it but felt it could have done with a Question and Answer session at the end. He used some events in the American Civil was as an analogy when talking about the current financial crisis. Its the overconfidence and mistakes of expertise you have to worry about, not the mistakes of the incompetents!

Finally home , and a few more e mails. In between all of this I actually managed to make a few phone calls and a few appointments.

and today - more of same!

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