Thursday, 4 June 2009

Police raid on Lib Dem HQ!

Up early this morning to deliver Good Morning Leaflets for Chris Davies and our team in the Euro Elections. As I arrived at our Liverpool HQ still sleepy as it was only 5 45 I was greeted by the sight of an open door and two police cars plus officers outside.

First thought - we had been burgled overnight.
Second thought - if we have been done over I hope the burglars will at least deliver some of the leaflets.

Turned out though that the passing bobbies spotted the open door of the building, and a shadowy figure inside, and thought they had seen a robbery going on. Admittedly most people were still in their beds at that time in the morning. So suspicious, they rushed up the stairs to find.... our organiser Tom working away.

Now I am not saying Tom looks like a criminal. But I can see how the sight of a young man wearing a hoodie in an office with the door open at that time of morning made the constabulary suspicious. Now they just think we are very, very enthusiastic!

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