Monday, 1 June 2009

Regulation 33

On Friday I was off to do a Reg 33 visit to a children's home (in this case somewhere providing short stays for disabled children and young people). We (that is the councillors who volunteer for these) visit unannounced to check that all is OK. Sometimes there are children and young people around and sometimes it is just the staff. On Friday apart from one young lady it was just the staff as they were waiting for a new group to arrive. It meant I had a chance to look round the building and rooms in a bit more detail (which is important because the decorations and furniture matter greatly but can also take a bit of a bashing) The visits take place once a month. It's one of the "non political" but important things that electetd members do. All of Liverpool's councillors are corporate parents and so have some responsibility for the services we are visiting.

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