Thursday, 4 December 2008

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

One of the select committees I attend in my exec member role is Overview and Scrutiny which took place this Tuesday just gone. To be fair its not the most "public friendly" of committees as a lot of what we talk about is process. Process is important though and a lot of my work revolves around that - not what we do as a council but how we do it if you like. We talked about Freedom of Information. A bit of a backlog on dealing with this has built up for various reasons, including someone being sick. I am glad to say I am on the case with this and it is being sorted. Ironically I have just had a rather overdue reply from the Waste Disposal Authority to one of my FOI requests. I actually understand why it took the time it did so didn't kick up a huge fuss. I suspect though that the average person won't understand delays on FOI requests and there is a lot of education to do about the system and how it works.

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