Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Garston waste plans update - meeting confirmed

The public meeting I referred to in an earlier post is now confirmed and will take place on 15 December at 6 30 at the Bridge Chapel Centre on Heath Road. This will be a good chance to ask questions of planning officials - something not possible at previous meetings. The Waste Disposal Authority also plan to be there (although it must be made clear that this planning application is not theirs it is a private application by a commercial company). It is possible that the applicant will be there also - although I suspect no one's minds will be changed.

The deadline for objections has gone but planning officers assure me that if anyone wants to send in an objection or further material as a result of information from this meeting, they will be able to. There is no date yet for a planning committee meeting so it looks like we are looking at January.

I'd be really grateful if interested people could pass this information on. I have just put a load of letters in the post about this but it is impossible for me to write to everyone who may be interested in time to give them lots of notice.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the update - will be there.