Monday, 22 December 2008

Crisis Loans

What on earth was the government doing at the weekend? First we are told the people getting crisis loans are going to have to pay interest. Then we are told this is somehow protecting them from loan sharks. Then we are told it is just out to consultation and might not happen. Then we are told the government aren't going to do it anyway.

It's clear to me that there is/was a plan to get social fund crisis loans paid back with interest. Its also clear that there was such a revolt against this that some poor Junior Minister had to do the rounds talking the story down.

Lets be clear about this. Crisis loans are for the very poorest who have a crisis. Interest is completely out of the question.

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BGAH said...

I got denied a crisis loan for rent in advance, I am about to be made homeless and in my application I sent the landlords detials and everything to prove I didn't just want the money for something else, I have a 10month old baby also. I have a perfect 2 bed flat that is mine as soon as I get the £800 I need. If that isn't a crisis I don't know what is, it just isn't fair.