Thursday, 4 December 2008

Liverpool Commission

Last week saw the second meeting of the Liverpool Commission. Its hard to explain in a nutshell what this is, but basically its an independent body which will take evidence and make recommendations re aspects of democracy in Liverpool. We are looking at things like the barriers to entry for those wanting to become a councillor (and hope for significant business sector involvement in that), support needs of councillors, motivations to stand of existing and former councillors, types of meetings etc. We are one of nine councils - exemplar councils they are called - rolling out this process although not everywhere is treating it the same way we are.
There are two elected councillors on this body and I am one of them. I am also sort of responsible in my cabinet role. Information about the commission's meetings, which do take place in public, is available on the council's website - (look for the section on councillors, meetings and agendas).

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