Monday, 16 June 2008

They're everywhere!

The customised Superlambananas are out in force!

Even on a short walk through part of Liverpool today I came across nine different ones!

Producing these replicas with designs tied in to organisations is a great way of getting a lot more public art out there.

Some of the designs are very much tied into the organisation involved. The one outside the register office has confetti designs for example.

Whoever had this idea needs huge congratulations


PM Swimmer said...

For once I have to agree that this is an excellent COC project likely to capture the imagine and delight a large number of locals and visitors.

Is there a map of the locations can't find it on the 08 site?

Oh and does anyone know the details for the sea shanty festival? Its supposed to be on at the same time as the tall ships but again theres no info on the 08 site.

Paula said...

They are great aren't they!! And they certainly make you smile. Not sure there is a map.

Sea shanties not being my thing (although my partner likes them) I have no idea about any performances. Perhaps anyone with any knowledge of a festival, or in fact any other performances, can post here.

PM Swimmer said...

Paula there is a map which i think merseytravel may have done and for some daft reason 2 websites which is linked to from the 08 site which is about the original one and sells replicas and which is about the small ones around the city though not linked to from the 08 site !!!