Monday, 30 June 2008

Site visit

I've organised a site visit tomorrow - getting council officers, a police rep and hopefully some residents together to look at a problem in part of the ward. In fact I am just back from delivering letters to residents in the immediate area inviting them to the visit. Sometimes problems can be solved without organising something like this - but in this case you really need to see the physical set up to understand the issue. This particular problem is just off Aigburth Road - but I'll blog again about it when we have made a bit more progress.


PM Swimmer said...

can you get them to look at the old Garston station.

Network Rail have turned what was a lovely tree lined road down to a little victorian station into what looks like a grotty industrial estate simply sealing off the road with paliside fencing which hasn't stopped a car being abandoned in there!

I realise that the council has little or no powers to force network rail to do anything which is particularly galling as proper landscaping of the site could have been a condition of permissions and grants needed to construct LSP!!

The state of this site is shocking particularly when you consider the investment in Horrocks avenue.

I'd also like someone to take on network rail over the fact that they don't need to inform residents of heavy engineering work until the day of that work.
Its frankly disgusting that I can get home to hand delivered letter telling me that they will be doing work until 5 that morning.

Paula Keaveney said...

I can certainly raise this. Garston station is one of those anomalies when it comes to ward boundaries -the dividing line being the actual railway - but given that the chance of getting the Speke Garston councillors to show an interest is less than the chance of my becoming the next Ms World, it is not worth even mentioning it to them.