Monday, 9 June 2008

Henley by election

We spent the weekend in Thame to help out in the Henley by election campaign.

A great place to be helping out - very organised front desk again, friendly helpers.

We bumped into the candidate while delivering one of the roads in the centre of Thame. He told us that the LD campaign was having a lot of impact. Certainly the choice by the Tories of a local councillor, when the local council appears to be slated over its performance, may be a faux pas.

Obviously by election junkies will go anyway! But if you are looking for a bit of campaigning, and a bit of a break also, Oxford is a short bus ride from Thame.

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Stephen Kearney said...

Many thanks for coming to help Paula!

It was good to see you, and I'm really grateful you made the journey from Liverpool.

It's fantastic how many people have travelled from across the Country to support our campaign in Henley. We had a great turnout on Sunday, and we hope to see many more people over the next 17 days!