Thursday, 23 May 2013

Social Liberal Forum conference - 2013

I'm working with colleagues on this year's Social Liberal Forum conference.  It's an annual event but this year it's in Manchester rather than in London.

It's on 13th July at Friends House in Central Manchester (near the Town Hall)

We've got an amazing line up of speakers.  Vince Cable is on first in the morning but later in the day we'll also hear from Steve Webb who is giving the William Beveridge memorial lecture and from Norman Lamb.  And that's before we get into the workshops and panel sessions. (The one I'm particularly looking forward to is about ownership of information.  Hopefully there'll be some really good stuff about Freedom of Information in there)

It's a really good chance to discuss policy areas and hear from experts.  I'm only sad that I'll miss a bit of it as I am responsible for the stewards which means a bit of a spell on the front desk!

Anyway, if you want to find out more, or book a ticket, the website is (which also has some pretty good articles on it)

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