Saturday, 4 May 2013

Congratulations to local volunteers

I'm just back from a morning which included some litter picking on Garston Park and nearby. 

I suspect some people driving past will have seen litter pickers in high vis jackets and thought nothing more of it.

But this is an annual initiative which local church members and volunteers take part in to help make our community cleaner.

And it occurs to me that we ought to be better at recognising them and thanking them for this.

The event was, as usual, fuelled by a breakfast provided at Long Lane Church.  We then all picked up our litter pickers, bags and gloves and made for the street.

As someone from Friends of Garston Park I was particularly keen to help clear litter from the park so hopefully it looks a bit better now.  But so too will Long Lane as quite a bit of stuff was shifted from there by the volunteers.

It is of course only one day and people drop litter round the clock.  But it's great to see the commitment of these volunteers to supporting the local community.  And hopefully the sight of the work going on will have made at least some people think twice before dropping litter in future.

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