Thursday, 23 May 2013

Garston writing competition

The Friends of Garston Library are organising a writing competition for children and young people to demonstrate their love of books.

The organisation is looking for book reviews.  It can be of any book as long as it exists in the Liverpool Library catalogue.  Writers don't need to borrow the book from the library to take part.  They merely need to check that it is in the collection (the easiest way to do this is on line using

Winning entries will be published and there'll be a presentation in the Autumn, either at the winner's school or at one of the Friends of Garston Library literary events (of which more later!)

There are very few rules.  Reviews have to be at least 100 words long and sent or e mailed in by 31 July.

There'll be a collection box for entries in the library and on the stall at the Garston Fun Day on 22 June.  Entries can also be sent in to 75 Canterbury Street, L19 8LQ or e mailed to as a word attachment.

The upper age limit for entrants is 18.

If you want more information, please e mail me at  or look out for the information we are sending to schools in South Liverpool.

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