Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Greenhill road takeaway update (March 12th)

The City Council's planning committee met a little earlier today to decide whether or not to give permission for a takeaway at the corner of Greenhill Road and Melbreck Road (Caffleys).

They effectively had three options.  To say yes, to say no or to postpone a decision to go on a site visit (these are not that common but they do happen)

Sadly they said yes.

This is despite the volume of resident objections (52 were reported in the paperwork) and the list of concerns raised by local people and by Councillor Richard Oglethorpe and myself.

Richard and I both spoke at the committee.  I pointed out the existing traffic and parking problems at the junction as well as worries about noise, litter and so on.  We were joined by a local resident (big thanks to him) who spoke about his personal worried about what might happen.

In my speech I called on the committee to reject the plans, but if they didn't feel able to do that straight away, to at the very least visit the area.

Sadly the Councillors on the committee decided not to do either of those.

No Labour representative bothered to come along and speak against the application.

I'm sorry to be reporting what will be bad news to all of the residents who did not want a takeaway at this junction.  Richard and I will, of course, be keeping an eye on how things develop and will chase up things like the extra litter bin which is being put into the agreement.

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